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Maxalto Heritage Perspectives: The House in Paris!

maxalto-heritage-perspectives-the-house-in-paris_DIVA FURNITURE Seattle-High end furniture -Italian-


The house in Paris, “Maxalto’s house” according to Antonio Citterio, consists of new rooms, animated by furniture and materials from the new collection. Living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms follow one another harmoniously, suggesting a coherent interior vision, linked to the values ​​of the timeless tradition of quality of design, craftsmanship and precise attention to detail.


Antonio Citterio

Apollo is a new range of upholstered furniture designed for Maxalto by Antonio Citterio. The collection is composed of three sofa types, united by pleasantly curved but rigorous lines, which distinguishes each element and creates a harmony between curves and linear forms. In its fluid shape, where the corners seem designed to accommodate the body, geometry becomes comfort with Apollo. At first glance, the upholstery of the seat and cushions, the backrest height, the lack of feet, and the generous seat depth are the elements that make Apollo welcoming and appealing.


Antonio Citterio

A series of cabinets/ display elements and low tables destined to safeguard and exhibit the most precious objects with great elegance. Ideal for both homes and commercial spaces, to be placed also in the centre of the room, these pieces allow their contents to be viewed, extracted and repositioned easily with perfect order. Cabinets are available in one size (cm.180x50x80h.) and in three different versions with extractable trays and drawers; the low tables are available in two versions (cm.90x130x43h. and cm.180x130x43h.), both with extractable trays.


Antonio Citterio

The strong aesthetic of the solid wood X-shaped leg structure formed fromtwo overlapping shapes is the distinctive feature of the Ares table. This table has a thick rectangular top that comes in two sizes (cm.300×105 and cm.350×105 and cm.410×105) and is available in natural wenge, light brushed oak, black brushed oak, grey or smoked oak.




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