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1300 Western Ave Seattle, WA 98101 • 206-287-9992

: Tobias-Grau

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In 1984, based in a Hamburg loft, Tobias Grau started out as a freelance designer working on interior design projects for advertising agencies and fashion stores. This work eventually lead to the first collection of luminaires, which he launched under his own name. Designing and building premium luminaries that produce top-quality light is not only the company’s aim, it’s their passion. Today that means intense involvement with new technologies whilst paying equal attention to ecological aspects. This results in totally new possibilities and necessities for the design. LED technology has enabled Tobias Grau to create a totally new kind of design for home lighting, with shapes, materials and sizes that wouldn’t be possible with conventional light sources. The company continues to innovate, and produces exceptional lighting in both quality and design.

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