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The It Couch Is Having Its Heyday, and The Camaleonda Couch by B&B Italia is First in Its Class

We’ve all heard the saying “your home is your sanctuary,” and never has that been truer than during 2020. But for a select few, the recognized Xions and doyennes of the interior design world, their individual spaces speak to their own distinctly recognizable senses of taste and style. Thus, the favored spaces these designers touch…

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Serie Up 2000 Armchair-The Trendiest B&B Italia Pieces in Design Right Now- Diva Furniture Seattle

The Trendiest B&B Italia Pieces in Design Right Now

With Covid 19 keeping many of us indoors, and the increase in home office use, perhaps the least surprising Covid-related trend has been in the interior design space. Many home owners and design enthusiasts have used this extra time inside to redesign their spaces, customizing their home décors to suit their lifestyles, and maximize their…

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B&B Italia

B&B Italia has always been synonymous with international elegance for over 50 years. It was from 1966 that the brand developed and built its own easily recognizable image thanks to a unique and timeless design and a quality that does not fade over time. Today B&B Italia is one of the major brands in furnishing…

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Ribes Featured on Portrait Home Magazine Seattle in the January 2021 Issue

  RIBES Recently featured in Portrait Home Magazine Seattle in January 2021 Ribes is the new modular seating system designed by Antonio Citterio with a focus on versatility, customization, color, and research on materials. Sofas, central and end elements, chaise lounge, and ottomans all come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes that lend…

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DIVA Seattle on Avenue Magazine & Portrait of Seattle Magazine

Camaleonda on Avenue Magazine

CAMALEONDA Featured on the Avenue Magazine. In its reissue, Camaleonda preserves the elements that have made it a contemporary classic. By mutual agreement, Mario Bellini and B&B Italia have decided to keep the cm 90×90 seat module, together with the backrest and the armrest, faithful to the original project, whose original cutting pattern was used…

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