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: Prandina

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Luxury Italian Furniture Store in Seattle | Diva Furniture

Since the outset, Prandina’s creative philosophy has fulfilled criteria of simplicity and formal precision, functionality and lasting quality. This has enabled the brand to gain a recognized position in the international market. Oriented toward effective and recognizable lamps, Prandina believes in productive teamwork in synergy with established and emerging designers, both Italian and foreigner, looking for new ideas in lighting and breaking with the current trends and conventions. Prandia has always loved glass and today it continues to rethink the material in a more contemporary form, enhancing the manifold execution techniques that can be applied to it, and constantly boasting the research of new shapes, finishes, and colors. Prandina also purses ideas and forms in line with its creative philosophy through the use of alternative materials and execution techniques. Simple or high-tech materials preserve the formal and functional criteria of the brand. This mediation between tradition and innovation produces indispensable solutions valid both for home and contract environments, where many of its products can be easily incorporated into projects already defined or integrated based on specific requests. The idea is that of a contemporary habitat, made of simple, sturdy and long-lasting objects, where design, proportions and colors express beauty and sobriety.

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