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: Kasthall

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In an increasingly standardized world in which products are mass produced, painstaking hard work is harder and harder to come by. However, this is what Swedish rug company Kasthall has done since 1889: produce original rugs that are beautiful, durable and a pleasure to walk on, while continuously making sure their work represents their philosophy: time for reflection, a longer perspective. Today the Kasthall factory and headquarters are still located in the same small Swedish town of Kinna, which they consider to be a symbol of their commitment to continuity and authenticity. Though deeply rooted in Swedish traditions, they are always proud to see their products appreciated well beyond the Swedish borders. Kasthall has been producing rugs for over 120 years, and they are still a company united by a passion for what they do: to create a rug that is unique, durable, and irreplaceable. At Kasthall, quality never goes out of style.

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