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: GAN/Gandia-Blasco

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A subsidiary of Gandia-Blasco, GAN is dedicated to bringing “empathy” to their designs and production methods. At GAN, designers create rugs and during the design process, think about the hands that will be making them. By putting themselves in the place of the artisans and adapting their designs to the skill and conditions of these craftsmen and women, designers at GAN express concern for the wellbeing of the personnel throughout the entire process of production. In turn, the artisans at GAN make a huge effort to make their designer’s dreams come true. They study the designers’ plans and drawings to read between the lines and capture their essence. They adapt and modify, if necessary, the techniques they master. GAN is constantly in search of new viable techniques and ideas to develop their products in order to offer their designers possibilities that better adapt to their creativity. This makes it possible for GAN’s artisans to evolve, constantly revaluing their work and keeping it alive. It is in this perfectly balanced triangle that GAN is able to share, help, rectify, listen, and adapt their processes. It is because of “empathy” that GAN understands all hands are equal, and in turn is able to produce iconic and innovative rugs.

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