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1300 Western Ave Seattle, WA 98101 • 206-287-9992

: B&B Italia Outdoor

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Luxury Italian Furniture Store in Seattle | Diva Furniture

B&B Italia has been an international leader in the field of contemporary furnishings since 1966. Since then, its collection has progressively acquired new products that are acknowledged and recognized worldwide, filling the ranks alongside evergreen products like Serie Up, Le Bambole and Diesis, which are now seen as icons of design history. Antonio Citterio, Patricia Urquiola, Naoto Fukasawa, Gaetano Pesce, Studio Kairos, Paolo Piva, Mario Bellini, Jefferey Bernett, Zaha Hadid and many others comprise the winning team that, along with the company’s internal Research and Development Center, have contributed to the international success of B&B Italia. B&B Italia’s ability to make “timeless” products lies in its industrial vocation and technological talent, and also in its skill in constantly combining creative ideas with design know-how. In fact, B&B Italia was the first company in the world to perfect the technique of cold polyurethane foam molding, which radically changed the way upholstered furnishings were built. This technology provides many advantages in comparison to traditional upholstery methods, such as increased product durability and uniform seats and shapes. These strategic elements have brought about many awards both in Italy and abroad, among them four “Compasso d’Oro” awards, the highest design award in Italy.

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