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Contemporary Italian Furniture: Featuring 2 Refined and Timeless Brands

Contemporary Italian Furniture- Featuring 2 Refined and Timeless Brands_DIVA_Highend_Italian_Furniture_Store_in_Seattle_WA_


B&B Italia

Contemporary design and timeless elegance. B&B Italia interprets contemporary culture and the evolution of living trends with premium quality furnishings designed to enhance indoor and outdoor areas. Timeless objects, international icons for design enthusiasts.

Creativity and innovation are the unmistakable features of B&B Italia’s style.

Refined contemporary design distinguishes domestic, office and outdoor settings.

Contemporary Italian Furniture- Featuring 2 Refined and Timeless Brands_DIVA_Highend_Italian_Furniture_Store_in_Seattle_WA_II

B&B Italia’s uniqueness lies in an unrivaled blend of creativity, innovation and industrial potential. The artful anticipation of trends and expert response to the evolution of taste and the needs of living deliver a collection of contemporary design furnishing, whose premium quality marks an impressive chapter in the history of Italian design.


Powerful lines that combine modernity and tradition.

A complete range of “new classic” furnishings that stand apart for the excellent quality workmanship, precious materials, and refined details. Maxalto declares the value of “made in Italy” with unmistakable timeless elegance.

Contemporary Italian Furniture- Featuring 2 Refined and Timeless Brands_DIVA_Highend_Italian_Furniture_Store_in_Seattle_WA_III

Harmony and balance amidst iconic items and revisited modern furnishings.

The collection, launched in 1975 and coordinated today by Antonio Citterio, expresses the company’s unique style and sophisticated interiors.

“I followed a theme when I designed the Maxalto collection, precisely the meaning of the bourgeois room and of the past century’s tradition,” says Antonio Citterio. “Each piece tells of its function, celebrating a solid and reassuring ritual. The desk is a desk and nothing more, and its place is that of concentration.“

Research on modern furnishings conducted by Antonio Citterio leans towards shapes that recall the romanticism of French design between the two world wars.

This is how Maxalto’s stylistic traits are born, the landmark brand for interior décor.

Contemporary Italian Furniture- Featuring 2 Refined and Timeless Brands_DIVA_Highend_Italian_Furniture_Store_in_Seattle_WA_IV



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