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: Somnium


Great sleep is more than a luxury: A good night’s rest improves concentration, productivity, immunity, memory, mood, and performance. At Somnium, we feel all of these perks should always come in one well-designed, stylish package. That’s why we developed the Mattress with Benefits. Our sleek, low-profile mattress combines minimalist beauty and comfort, innovative technology and proprietary materials to create the ideal sleep environment. Somnium is designed to support the body’s natural nighttime movement with patented springs made from high-tech elastomer. Superior functionality is paramount, so each component is sourced to fulfill best in class requirements: Earth friendly and benign by design, our foam doesn’t off-gas and helps overheated sleepers keep cool while the mattress cover can be zipped off and machine-washed to keep the sleep environment pristine. Somnium mattresses are available in all standard US and European sizes, as well as custom orders for adults, children and babies. So no matter how big or small the bed of your dreams is, we are here to support you.

European design, American-made. Somnium is obsessed with good sleep.