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The Bend Sofa

In 2010, designer, Patricia Urquiola created the Bend sofa. Its varying angles and distinctive look, bring a different and unique modern style to a space. The “Bend” comes in an array of configurations to provide various options for any room, while always maintaining a classic asymmetrical design. Here is a more in depth description of the “Bend”…

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A Touch Of Gold

  GOLD COLLECTION BY B&B ITALIA   Gold collection, three oversized objects by Marcel Wanders. A vase 78 centimeters tall, a stool and a bowl, all in ceramic covered in gold leaf. Icons of luxury not without a certain sense of humor.   LYS BY B&B ITALIA   The Lys is an elegant candleholder in…

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Finding The Perfect Light

  SKYGARDEN S1 – BLACK MATTE   A limited-edition piece designed by Marcel Wanders. It was inspired by a house Marcel Wanders once lived in, which had an old and ornate plaster ceiling. He called it his “Skygarden”. The designer wanted to take his garden with him when he moved out. This modern lamp discreetly…

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