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TUFTY-TIME Sectional

Gallery_0_53158_bebitalia_sofa_Tufty-Time_A-02_1_1 Gallery_5_53158_bebitalia_H10_sofa_Tufty-Time_03 Gallery_2_53158_bebitalia_sofa_Tufty-Time_A-01_1_1 Tufty Time 4

The Tufty-Time sofa series, one of B&B Italia’s most consolidated successes, finds effective answers to the themes of modularity, comfort and removable covers. The Tufty-Time modular system starts with an ottoman as the basic piece, which is then accompanied by central, corner and terminal elements with a low or high armrest. The elements are used to invent traditional sofas, sofas with chaise longue, corner sofas and island elements that provide a 360° seating solution. Cosy in its more accentuated depth, Tufty-Time becomes a meeting place, a welcoming refuge where people can just relax. With its fabric or leather upholstery, Tufty-Time offers a more contemporary take on the traditional Chesterfield and capitonné sofas, with a freer and more informal lifestyle.

Two pieces as shown in Edit 251 includes 2 pillows in Levante 153.

Overall dimensions:  84″ W x 58″ D x 24″ H


B&B Italia

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