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RAY Sectional – QS

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Aesthetical and functional, Ray is a modular system that starts with linear elements, chaise longues and terminal elements, which can be used to form all sorts of configurations – even corner and peninsula models. Its strong points are linearity and simplicity, enriched with tailoring elements such as the blanket stitch in the same colour or a contrasting hue, that enhances the removable covers. A main feature is the die-cast U-shaped foot that, along with the seat cushion height, contributes to creating an image of Ray as a particularly elegant piece with balanced forms.

Available in B&B Italia’s Quick Ship program in layout 1 & 2 configurations in Esposo 153 with pearl grey stitching and painted black chrome legs.


4 – 28″ x 19″ back cushions

3 – 19″ x 19″ pillows

B&B Italia

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