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CARATOS Stool – Bar & Counter – QS

stool1 Caratos HL caratostool9 caratos config caratos config 2

Caratos is a series of upholstered seats united by a recognisable frame in die-cast aluminium. One version characterised by an enveloping upholstered back that also forms the armrest, Caratos is a chair that is free from postural constraints, favouring conversation and interaction with those nearby. Another version, available only in leather, stands out for its basic, geometric frame with highly calibrated thicknesses and details. This is a decidedly light product, not just in terms of its essential, linear design, but also due to its reduced weight ensuring easy handling. The seat and backrest are formed by plastic structural panels on which rests a layer of polyurethane which is then covered in premium leather. They are also part of the collection the stools with a swivel seat, capable of adapting to heterogeneous furnishing settings through contemporary lines reminiscent, however, of certain twentieth century furniture styles.

Available in Maxalto’s Quick Ship program in Edit 253 with graphite painted legs and bright brushed footrest.


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