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Astrum Dining Table w/ Swivel Tray

Astrum Dining Table Astrum Dining Table

Astrum is a collection of tables, rectangular, round and oval, distinguished by the special “sawhorse” base-frame. The frame is made of a single die-cast aluminium support with painted finish that, based on the table shape, is composed of two or three elements connected by a crosspiece and forming the base-frame for rectangular tables, while three elements connected at the base of a steel ring establish the support for round tables. The triangular section of the support, raised from the ground with a slight tilt, gives the structure both lightness and solidity. The tables tops are provided in various finishes of wood, lacquered and marble. Only with the round versions it is possible to insert a swivel tray.

Frame: Amber Painted
Top: Natural Wenge


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65" Diameter x 29.9" H

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