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ALEX Dining Table

bebitalia-table-Alex-03 bebitalia-table-Alex-01 bebitalia-table-Alex-02

Alex is a series of tables in various sizes, distinguished by the pronounced design of the sectional frames in large, lenticular shapes. Three shapes and different sizes: rectangular in three lengths, round and square. The “sawhorse” frame connected with the crosspiece is made of hard polyurethane with metallic drawn inserts in glossy or satin colours of the B&B Italia collection. There is a wide range of finishes of the tops, from wood to satin or glossy finishes, from marble finish to mirror glass. The round version allows the possibility of positioning at the centre of the table a round swivel tray.

Chairs: VOL AU VENT Chairs – DIVA Furniture Seattle – B&B Italia and Maxalto Showroom


B&B Italia

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110 1/4 L x 43 1/4 W x 28 3/4 H

Marquinia Glossy Black Marble / Glossy Anthracite

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