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Every outdoor piece is of furniture tells a unique story of talent and innovation. An object, a style, or a landscape can become a powerful source of inspiration fr the designer. Hence the creation of collections that stand apart in terms of design, personality, materials, and use. The emblem of quality and comfort.


Minimalist and innovative, the Ayana collection becomes a new chapter in the story that connects B&B Italia to Naoto Fukasawa.

It sees wood as the protagonist, interpreted in an unusual way, with a pleasant oriental touch. If the depths and heights are a clear reference to the south-east Asian tradition, the backrest recalls a Swedish wall bar, an exercise equipment turned into a load-bearing element. Thanks to this solution, the elements of the Ayana collection can be enjoyed and appreciated at 360 degrees, discovering on each side a new elegant interplay of intersections and proportions.

Two and three-seat sofas and thee armchair have armrests at different heights. The armchair armrest is higher to guarantee a more ergonomic seat. The sofa armrest, which is lower, can be combined with a cushion that is easy to be fastened and removed and helps to lie down more comfortably if necessary. The upholstery of this collection stands out for the individual cushions, all covered with waterproof fabrics.


After the great success of Ribes, Antonio Citterio developed some design ideas behind it and created Hybrid, an innovative new system of modular seating elements that it is so versatile, it can be arranged into an almost infinite number of combinations.

The key role of the textile dimensions stands out immediately, with upholsteries that cover completely the generous padding, the absolute protagonist. These are typical elements if indoor furnishings, which find with Hybrid and outdoor interpretation. Hence the name of the collection, which is proposed as a real link between the inside and the outside of the house.


The very first collaboration between B&B Italia and Philippe Starck leads to the birth of a sofa and an armchair, both with impressive dimensions and a highly scenographic presence, that surprisingly combine an unusual shape and an unexpected function, with a name that really attracts attention. Oh, it rains! is a piece of considerable impact, destined to last over time and to be talked about, but also to be used in the most unexpected ways and contexts.


Philippe Starck started his research for this project by going back to the origins of outdoor furniture, that of nomads and soldiers: desert tents and field equipment, colonial colors and very light materials, essential shapes with functions connected with rapid action. We notice Oh, it rains! right away for its large backrest. It isn’t a simple decorative element, though. It acts like a wall or a partition to create an intimate and private setting, and, when necessary, it folds down on top of the seat and – voià – the seat and cushions are covered and protected.



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