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Charles 20: The Iconic Charles seating system celebrates twenty successful years


The Charles sofa celebrates its twentieth anniversary with B&B Italia. This symbolic system designed by Antonio Citterio in 1997, is now illustrated in two new, limited edition coverings: orange/red and grey/blue color combinations. These were shades that Charles Eames associated with in the 60’s. A new picturesque graphic installation has been designed by Migliore + Servetto Architects. It captivatingly depicts the Charles’s encompassing history from the last twenty years - advancements made in technological and scientific fields, past events and more. The overall effect of the display is captivating as one can realize and envision the progression of time and appreciate the everlasting design of the Charles.

The Charles remains a top seller for B&B Italia, the recognition given to its form and appearance. Valued time has gone into both, research and innovation of the Charles which is applied in all of B&B Italia’s projects. The light, airy structure is accented by the crucial design of the “inverted L” shaped legs. The characteristics allow its placement to work with many settings and environments, contemporary or modern. Its signature features remain a modern Italian staple and a reference to the international world of design.


“Charles is a tribute to Fifties and Sixties design. In this case, the name obviously refers to that of Charles Eames. I think this is a good way to declare references, similarities, contaminations. I think it’s important not to deny these aspects. Every architect and designer’s work passes through that of others, but too often there is a tendency just to copy: it’s the easiest way. As far as I’m concerned, I try not to copy but to perceive and assimilate aspects specific to the work of great masters. Certain similarities are most in spirit than in fact, which means that there aren’t Fifties or Sixties products similar to Charles. The fact remains however that those products contain the idea of certain elements which I developed in Charles. I’m interested in reproducing the spirit and not just the form and so I think it only fitting to openly declare, even if only in the name, this reference to the spirit."

Antonio Citterio



Over the years, new pieces were introduced to the Charles family. In 1998 the Charles small tables were produced in contrasting extra-thick table tops in various sizes and finishes. In 2004, Antonio Citterio introduced the Charles Bed, and in 2003 the Charles Large was introduced as an option containing deeper seat depths for both comfort and shelter to lie down in. In 2010, the Charles Outdoor sofa, armchair, and chaise longue were added to B&B Italia’s Outdoor collection.  All additions keep the signature design of the inverted “L” shape aluminum foot. Continue the airy, lightweight nature of the Charles in an outdoor space to harmonize with outside elements, or add an illusion of floatation to sleeping quarters. If it is a placement, spatial, or aesthetic challenge, Charles provides a proven classic and timeless solution.



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