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B&B Italia

B&B Italia has always been synonymous with international elegance for over 50 years. It was from 1966 that the brand developed and built its own easily recognizable image thanks to a unique and timeless design and a quality that does not fade over time. Today B&B Italia is one of the major brands in furnishing and interior decoration for a classic and unparalleled style.


Elegance from the first glance

B&B has won many awards both in Italy and abroad, among them four “Compasso d´Oro” awards, the highest design award in Italy. The knowledge of elegance is one of the main qualities of B&B Italia, having B&B Italia is not only having a piece of furniture, but also a lifestyle. Elegant and durable, B&B Italia furniture will not disappoint you year after year, because owning it is a real investment.


The timelessness of B&B Italia products

If you ever are worried about what could be trendy years from now and don’t want the hassle, then B&B Italia is one of the best choices to make. B&B Italia’s ability to make “timeless” products lies in its industrial vocation and technological talent, its skill is constantly combining creative ideas with design know-how.


Furniture created to last

B&B Italia was the first company in the world to perfect the technique of cold polyurethane foam molding, which radically changed the way upholstered furnishings were built. This technology provides many advantages in comparison to traditional upholstery methods, such as increased product durability and uniform seats and shapes. Whether for your grinding wheels indoors or outdoors, B&B quality will always be on your side to ensure unparalleled longevity with always B&B elegance.