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: Gandia Blasco

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The company GANDIA BLASCO, which nowadays is world-renowned for its outdoor furniture line, was born in 1941 as a family business manufacturing blankets. During the years to follow, the brand settled in the textile market due to the exclusiveness and innovation of their designs: carpets with borders, with patterns, hand-woven, with original shapes. The production was almost exclusively domestic and it was carried out on traditional looms. The success of the carpets led to the creation of other products, such as sheets, duvet covers, bedspreads, fabrics and cushions. In 1996, José A. Gandia-Blasco took over his father’s company and along with revitalizing the company, realized he needed to furnish the terrace of the house which had been built for him recently by the architect Ramón Esteve in Ibiza. It was then that they both started to develop an outdoor furniture collection. This is how the ‘Na Xemena’ collection was born, to close a gap in the market, and it had almost no competition at that time. Now exclusively producing outdoor furniture, and collaborating with numerous designers from all over the globe, the philosophy in the production of outdoor furniture has transmitted throughout the entire firm: to always produce designs that combine the biggest comfort in functionality while maintaining an extremely high aesthetic component.

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